IT Support - House calls only - (Windows 7,8 and 10 repair and reinstallation services)

Do you have a computer or a laptop running windows 7,8 or 10 and having problems with it like the computer running really slow, programs keep crashing all the time? Or maybe windows just doesn't start anymore or any other windows related problems. In that case you are in the right place. Often people are hesitant to drop off their computers or laptops at repair shops because of the files that they have on their computers that they dont' want anyone else to have access to, I take your privacy seriously. Everything will be done right in front of you.

For BD 10 per computer, I can fix all your windows related problems, what steps are taken will be taken solely by your permission only. I can provide you a list of suggested solutions to your problems along with my recommendations and you get to decide how to fix your computer or if you don't want to think about it but just have a working computer at the end of the day, I can do that too for you.

If there is a hardware problem with your computer / laptop and no problems are found with windows, I can recommend how to proceed on fixing your computer, my service fee is BD 3 for the site visit in this case.

I only do house calls or public places like coffee shops for laptops.

Service Price List
Windows Repair / Fixing - BD 10.

Time Taken:
Windows Installation/Repair usually takes an hour. If your files need to be backed up, that will take additional time depending on how big are your files. After that an hour to download and install any necessary drivers that may be needed for your computer to run everything. In my experience that is usually done within an hour. Total time shouldn't be more than 3 hours max.

Again, I take your privacy seriously. Your files are yours alone and no unknown person will have access to your files if you hire me. Everything will be done right in front of you

If you would like to hire me for my services, you can contact me on the information below for any enquiry or setting up an appointment.

Mobile/Whatsapp : 33593718